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Master Plan for: Research, Outreach, Rethinking!

It starts with one person, and grows into a team. Find peers who share your passions about the environment. Talk about forming a team that strives to make a difference, one step at a time!

Find a teacher or another adult who is willing to work with you, guide you through the process, and support your passions about the environment.

Have fun with this! Choose a catchy and fun name that emulates who you are and what your team hopes to achieve!

Brainstorm as many environmental issues you believe are impacting your local school and community. Include all ideas as you brainstorm, the more ideas the better.

Have a great dialogue as a team on the importance of each of the environmental concerns the group has listed. Highlight critical pieces for each issue. Begin to rank the most important concerns and order them from most to least importance. Through this process decide on the ONE ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUE your team will concentrate their efforts.

Share your team’s vision for the environment with your moderator. Together, formulate your plan for Research, Outreach and Rethinking.

Brainstorm how to research your environmental issue. What expert sites are available on the internet? What information is available from books or periodicals? What STEM skills do you have that can help the team investigate phenomena, with the help and guidance of your moderator?

Who do you know who is an expert about your environmental issue? Who does your moderator know? Who does your principal know? Who does your parent or guardian know? How can you reach out to these experts? Can you call them? Can you interview them via special technology such as telepresence? Can you interview them in person?

How will you record and utilize the expert advice and information gleaned from these experts. What suggestions do they give and how will you follow these suggestions? How do you see these expert ideas supporting your environmental goal for your school and community? How can the team apply the experts’ advice and implement them to help solve the environmental problem?

Once the team has chosen the environmental concern; researched and gathered data about the problem to be resolved; reached out to experts and gathered information and ideas from them; and implemented some of the ideas … THINK BIG AND REACH OUT TO YOUR LOCAL LIONS CLUB FOR THEIR ADVICE, GUIDANCE, AND HELP TO REACH THE TEAM’S GOAL. Lions Club membership is diverse with experts in many fields of business and professional fields. Reach out to your local Lions Club and collaborate with them to solve the environmental issue.

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