How to Make a Drought Resistant Garden

Making a drought resistant garden, will allow you to cut down on your water use and create a colorful view through a variety of drought resistant plants. Here is how to create your own:

1. Measure the area that you will use for your garden.

2. Taking the size of the area into account, choose the type and number of drought resistant plants you will use. * Try to combine evergreens and flowers to have a  colorful garden year round.

3. Follow the directions on the label that came with the plant to put it into the ground. Make the hole slightly bigger than the label says to add new soil and fertilizer to help the plants establish their roots faster.

4. Water them for the first ten days, then water the plants according to the label that came with the plants, the climate, and temperature. *Each plant will have its own different needs.

5. Take care of your garden and pull weeds out. Soon, the plants will grow and you will have you own beautiful drought resistant garden.

How to Know What Type of Soil You Have in Your Area

The types of plants you chose for your garden will need to depend on the soil type in your area. Most plants will only thrive in areas that have a certain soil type. Here is how to find out your soil type:

1. Fill a clear jar with soil from the area where your garden will be. Make sure that it doesn't have any rocks or plants in it.

2. Add water and one tablespoon of detergent into the jar. Place the cap over the jar and shake it well.

3. Let the jar rest overnight.

4. Look at the jar. If the water is clear and the soil has settled at the bottom, the soil is sandy. If there is some clay over the settled soil and the water looks slightly yellowish brown, the soil is clay. If the soil didn't settle and there are parts of it floating around and the water is dark, then it is silty loam soil.

How to Install a Simple Drip Irrigation System

There are numerous types of drip irrigation systems according to what type of garden you are making. For these purposes, here is how to install a simple drip irrigation system:

1. Place a half inch hose looping around the plants.

2. Make a hole in the hose near where the plant is. Some drip emitters will come with the device to make the hole.

3. Place the drip emitter into the hole.

4. Cover the hose with dirt, being careful not to cover the drip emitter.

5. Connect the hose to a water valve and turn it on, checking to make sure they all function.

6. You can also buy a timer and connect it to the valve to chose specific times for the plants to be watered.

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